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The self-help and personal development world gives primary focus to increasing our performance so we can achieve greater successes in our lives.

And it’s true we all are capable of more. Nobody is performing at their max capacity.

But we won’t outperform the level of ability we believe about ourselves and all we have to go on is the proof of what we have and haven’t done thus far.

It brings to mind Roger Banister breaking the four minute mile mark in running, which was deemed humanly impossible, but more importantly the four other runners who then did it within a year.

All that changed is once they believed running a sub four minute mile was possible, they did it. Prior, they could not.

Most of us are sitting where we are and desiring greater performance from ourselves but unable to see ourselves being at a higher level.

If someone came along and ran a diagnostic test on us and said they had proof we could do it we would in short order.

But that won’t likely happen, so how can we get ourselves to really see ourselves as a higher performer?

To have a performance upgrade we need an upgrade to our identity.

I have Anthony Trucks on with me in this episode to talk about it.

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With almost every business I’ve had I’ve been able to work from anywhere or at least keep things going when I’m away from the office.  I just need my laptop and decent Wi-Fi.  Though a challenge working this way with a team spread out across the country is trying to keep the team on the same page and focused on tasks.  That’s why I appreciate Coda.  

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