I’m back with NYT bestselling author and top TED speaker, Dan Pink to walk through his personal habits for success, and this habits show had a twist.

Coming off our talk in episode 969 where we discussed regrets, which is the topic of his brand new book, The Power of Regret, I asked him how his research on regrets changed any of his habits.

What you heard in that intro clip was him leading off with his top one, Connection regrets, and now reaching out to people more.

We hit on some other habits he’s changed as a result of this regrets focus, such as he realized in the Foundation regrets piece he’s actually been too frugal over his lifetime.

I also found the irony in him citing he lived in a busy urban area and prefers running on a treadmill, especially since he fell on a sidewalk while running and now has a bent pinky.

Dan Pink with…a bent pinky.

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