I’m back with actress and personal development leader, Brianna Brown Keen and we walk through her personal habits for success.

Brianna is a paid performer, so no matter what, she has to show up ready and able to act and look a certain way.

Thus in some aspects, her habits are more tangibly critical for her job.

Many of us can show up for a day of work and be a bit…underperforming.

But when you’re literally on stage or camera, this is not possible.

So it makes her daily habits interesting.

Of interest, today we had our live zoom call in my Driven To Live community, and a member who is a pastor said when he first saw my previous show with Brianna, episode 963, and her being an actress and not my usual personal development author, he said he almost skipped the show.

But he listened, and felt multiple things she shared were, as he put it, a valid sermon.

And he’s going to listen a second time.

This is why I had Brianna on the show.

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