How would Zig Ziglar’s kid build a business?

What you’re about to hear is a grassroots story from Julie Ziglar Norman, Zig Ziglar’s eldest daughter.

If you were fortunate enough to hear one of Zig’s last talks, he was always accompanied by Julie to keep him on the target of his message after his fall that would find him sometimes repeating himself.

Following his death and the death of her husband, Julie started a career in real estate.

Especially for you fans of Ziglar with a fondness to hear how he inspired not only hundreds of millions of people, but his own family, you will be comforted and inspired by this.

Tom Ziglar and I talk with Julie and her business partner Heather Prichard and hear the story of building a business on the Ziglar principles of integrity and ethics, which along with being the right thing to do, is also…the most profitable.

This will be confirming for many of you as you can sometimes get the feeling that doing the right thing will be nice but lose money.

You can find Julie and Heather at

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