I’m back with Diana Pavlac Glyer, the award winning writer who spent 40 years studying all things C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien with a special focus on the power of their infamous writer’s group, The Inklings.

We’re back for part two as I focus on taking the essence of what propelled these writers to bring monumental works such as Lord of The Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, and discussing how we can emulate them to get our greatest works out of ourselves, by helping get them out of each other.

I am taking Diana’s research and counsel to heart and putting structure into place so I can spur and spar with peers and help each other further our respective efforts.

I’m banding together with fellow influencers; authors, speakers, podcasters, coaches, consultants, leaders, agents, to help each other increase our influence and expand our reach.

You can review it at drivencounsel.com, where you are welcome to inquire for your own interest with me, or if you are looking for a different makeup of a mastermind group.

You can dig into Diana’s research on The Inklings in her new book, Bandersnatch, available wherever you get your books.

Coming up next…Diana Pavlac Glyer

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