Zig shares with us that while earthquakes and hurricanes get all the press, much more damage is done overall by termites, who take such small bites we can’t even detect it with the human eye.

But take enough over time and they can completely destroy a home.

Now take that on a positive spin and it’s the small, consistent, and sometimes seemingly innocuous things we do everyday that lead to our greatest successes.

As a past pro cyclist you will benefit far more from spreading your allotted training time over the week and do some every day, than to do one or two monster sessions on the weekends.

I asked the Ziglar audience, “What is a tiny step or deposit you take nearly every day that pays great dividends in the long term?”

Tom Ziglar and I talked through the comments to shed light on what small, daily steps people like you and me are doing to revolutionize their lives.

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