I bring you the habits of former Chipotle co-CEO, Monty Moran.

As you hear in the intro, he provides a significant perspective on the concept of what we’d say is doing the right thing, but relating it to our very tangible self interest.

If flies in the face of authoritative leadership and management principles the corporate world was originally based on.

Which of course is why his story of taking Chipotle from its humble beginnings to it’s meteoric success is so intriguing.

Also in this episode you’ll hear him discuss his habits for mental health.

He said he often wakes, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, and like a failure.

Which is interesting for a guy who seems so successful, don’t you think?

Would you feel like a failure if you were worth three or four hundred million dollars?

Monty shares how he strives to practice compassion on himself.

He says he tries to make friends with his feelings, and when he wakes with foreboding, to, “Hold my own troubles in a kind and accepting way.”

Here is an offering from Monty, if you go to loveisfree.com you can buy his book, Love Is Free, Guac Is Extra,and he’ll write whatever you want in it and send it to you.

Coming up next…I bring you Monty Moran.

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