In this episode of The Ziglar Show I’m with Nedra Glover Tawwab, a licensed relationship therapist whose focus is boundaries.

Friends, that very term holds no attraction for me. I want to be superman. I want to say yes to everything and be able to handle it.

Superheroes don’t have boundaries. If you are really out to serve humanity you don’t have any limits and you don’t protect yourself, right?

Jocko Willenk is a famous navy seal who’s Jocko podcast is wildly popular. Everyone wants to be diehard like him.

He posted on Twitter, “Smash through the boundaries!” It showed him trying to lift a heavy weight.

But he also posted this, “Leaders need to push themselves and their teams while also recognizing their limits, in order to achieve a suitable pace and avoid burnout.”

I find people like him have far more boundaries than the normal person. They say no to many good things that would deplete them so when they say yes to great things, they can engage at full power.

Join me for a deep discussion with Nedra on the admitted difficulty but massive opportunity in having boundaries and how it doesn’t limit us to doing less but frees us to do far more.

Her message on boundaries has caught fire and resulted in over a million followers on Instagram alone. I pursued her for this show because I need this message, and I’ve been making tangible changes in my life due to the message.

You’ll hear us discuss specifics from her new book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace, which you can find wherever you get your books.

I bring you, Nedra Glover Tawwab.

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