We are back with Shaunti Feldhahn, best selling author and social researcher.

Back in episode 901 we discussed her latest research on what creates true joy in us and she shared her latest findings of what is most destructive to our joy.

In this episode we go behind the scenes to hear Shaunti’s daily habits for success.

Just seven months prior to this recording Shaunti was diagnosed with breast cancer and during chemo started gaining a pound per day.

Her doctor’s response, “You’re not getting the sleep I advised, are you.”

Addressing that turned Shaunti’s world upside down maybe more than the cancer itself and required her to ask if she was going to do what was necessary to help her body, or not.

She also shares how the pandemic wrecked her exercise routine and how she pampers herself with what she calls, “beach read novels”, that she rereads.

Find Shaunti at shaunti.com.

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