I’m back with Tommy Breedlove to talk about his habits for success in his life.

Every guest I have on my podcasts is here in great part because of their intentionality in life.

But I must say, Tommy is one of the more intentional people I’ve known. This is one of the more robust Habit’s shows I’ve done.

And for you guys, I also questioned him on some of the primary areas of struggle he sees amongst all the high performing, executive clientele he leads and walks with.

The answers will surprise you, such as him saying that across the board a primary struggle all the men he works with have are issues of self confidence, self esteem, self respect, and self love.

Even if they are worth many millions. That was the number two issue. The number one issue, you’ll hear in just a moment.

Another stand out perspective Tommy shared is how we have it backwards. When you ask about priorities most will say family, then work, then themselves.

He believes it’s one, a lie, and two is upside down. We need to put ourselves first. Not selfishly, but if we don’t have ourselves worked out, our family and our business will suffer as a result.

So strap yourself in, you will get some habits equipping right here.

I encourage you to check out Tommy’s book, “Legendary” at Amazon, and you can connect with him at tommybreedlove.com.

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