I’m back with comedic thought leader, Michael Jr, and we walk through his daily habits for success.

We hit on his eating, exercising, praying and more which is always just so fascinating to hear what high achieving people are really doing. And not doing.

But in the talk you’ll hear Michael share his primary relational habit of asking, “What can I do for this person?” 

Of course I revere the sentiment, but with Michael I feel it just has more gravity.

If you hear our main talk in episode 887 you hear me dig into the unique attributes of comedians and how the role requires them to be uber aware of other people, as ultimately the job is appealing to people and getting an emotional response.

Or in Michael’s case, not getting a laugh but giving a laugh.

Join us for a joyful talk through how Michael gets the best out of himself and you’ll invariably find ideas on how to get the best out of yourself as well.

Go check out Michael’s podcast, Funny How Life Works.

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