We think of comedians as people who are funny, however I feel the laugh is just a symptom of a deeper reality.

They connected with our emotions. It’s one of the most impressive skills I’ve seen and in this episode I am joined by Michael Jr for the second time.

He has a new book titled, “Funny How Life Works” but as we talked the headline that came to mind for me was, “Life Lessons From A Very Observant Person.”

Michael has shared the stage with the world’s greatest comedians, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.

He’s been on all the late night tv show. He is a member of the comedic royalty.

But unlike them he keeps getting billed as a “comedic thought leader” because that is his agenda. He is not there to get a laugh but to give a laugh.

He is looking to open up your emotions with comedy so he can speak into and inspire your soul towards your purpose.

What you’ll hear in this episode is a skill set of observation and connection I think anyone desiring to influence others will want to hear and benefit from.

You might laugh a little here, but more so I think you’ll feel some revelation and equipping to be a better influencer and connector.

I encourage you to find Michael’s podcast to laugh, be entertained, and learn, search for Funny How Life Works.

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