During this time of pandemic I wanted to know where people were literally spending their hard earned dollars toward business growth.

I asked the audience, “What have you spent money on to learn about business or grow your business in the last 24 months? Books, Courses, Seminars/Conferences, Coaching/Consulting, or anything else?”

There were many testimonies to coaching and courses, but books ranked #1.

What Tom Ziglar and I got into was a discussion around taking in knowledge, and actually learning it.

Making positive change as a result.

It’s a convicting message for all of us, as I too am so eager just to jump to the next inspiration message and miss out on actually benefiting from the great knowledge I was just exposed to.

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If there’s ever been a year to make the moms in your life feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day, it’s this one. For moms with kids homeschooling it’s been a significant increase in responsibility. For older moms we’ve seen an increase in their overall family care, even of adult children, in dealing with the chaos of our culture.

It’s a perfect time to gift mothers with a heartfelt, sentimental gift the whole family can cherish together forever.

  • StoryWorth is an online service that helps your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, and every mother figure in your life, share stories through thought-provoking questions about their memories and personal thoughts. It’s a fun new way to engage with them, especially if you can’t be together in person.
  • Every week StoryWorth emails your mom a different story prompt – questions you’ve never thought to ask. Like, “What is some of the best advice your mother ever gave you?” and “If you could choose any talents to have, what would they be?” I wanted to know what my mom would have told herself at my age.
  • StoryWorth has helped numerous families learn about each other in profound, special ways – and their testimonials will move you to tears. 
  • After one year, StoryWorth will compile all your mom’s stories, including photos, into a beautiful keepsake book that’s shipped for free.

This is a gift that matters. Mom won’t remember the trinket or token you send. This will be remembered by everyone.

 Give your mom the most meaningful gift this Mother’s Day with StoryWorth. Get started right away with no shipping required by going to StoryWorth dot com slash ziglar. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase! That’s StoryWorth dot com slash ziglar for $10 off.