We all have patterns in which we interpret and therefore respond to the world.

This positively and negatively influences every relationship in our lives. The relationship with ourselves (self-image), with others, and with our spiritual faith.

Beth McCord is a renowned expert in the Enneagram, which is a map for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types.

The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires.

My focus in this show was not just to understand your personality type but to understand what difference it actually provides in your life.

Much of Beth’s mission is to help us all be more self aware and understand how to use the awareness to benefit us and specifically not let any understanding of our weaknesses cause any shame or contempt.

I think you’ll find new insight you can use for your immediate benefit in this episode, and if you want to figure yourself out more, Beth is offering us a free enneagram course at yourenneagramcoach.com

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