For your business, do you need increased marketing exposure to attract more prospects or better sales conversion with the prospects you are already attracting?”

This is the question I posed to our Ziglar audience.

People responded with needs for one or the other or both of course.

But the discussion Tom Ziglar and I brought up was sequentially we need to ensure our sales conversion is up to par before we adequately market.

But then we do go into some key principles for marketing to your specific demographic and giving more focus to qualified prospects who are relevant to buy over just generating big numbers of lame prospects you must filter through.

You’ll hear some good counsel on finding the prospects most suited to you

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We have a lot of listeners in the Ziglar audience who are on the front lines of sales, and these days much of it is done online. If you are using email, is surely is not dead, but it has gotten fairly boring. With Vidyard you can record and send sales videos to connect with prospects, convert opportunities, and close deals.

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You can share your team’s videos using the outreach tools you use every day. Pull together the best videos from shared team libraries into curated playlists for each opportunity.

– Keep track of which opportunities are effectively engaging with your videos so you can follow up at the right time. Dive into analytics that tell you who’s watching and for how long. Integrate view data with your CRM to see how video drives pipeline for your sales team. This is the best type of marketing because it is measured! 

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