How we can we better respond to the things in our work we can not control?

I play a clip from Zig Ziglar where he talks about the circumstances and people in our lives we just can’t control, and how we can better respond to them when they, as you’ll hear Zig say, “drop the ball.” 

But goodness did Tom Ziglar and I get into some interesting branches.

One was questioning whether there truly is much that isn’t in our control, or at least that we can’t heavily influence to stack the odds in our favor.

We discuss choice and consequences and what a secure person would do.

That right there just captured me.

Questioning ourselves in the moment, and overall.

Are we responding, not reacting, like a secure person?

Are we speaking and behaving and thinking, like a secure person?

I find it so convicting and just prior to writing this sent a note to my wife and kids about it and admitting to some aspects of my own self where I am not behaving like the secure person I want to be.

So in just a moment I’ll queue up a one minute clip from Zig and then Tom and I will dig in with you to help bring clarity to a perspective that can add dramatic peace and confidence to your life.

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