I bring you what I have found, across the board, to literally be THE most effective life-success tactic.

You’ll notice I said “life success”, as in success in your life overall.

If you only want to succeed in making money, while this tactic does provide the best overall chance, I have seen people make a lot of money without utilizing it well.

I’ve seen people rise to the top of sports without it. Not as often as with it, but still, sometimes.

If all you want is to write a best selling book, invent something, be a famous explorer…if it’s just one achievement you want to succeed in, it is possible without this tactic.

Harder, but possible. However, I doubt there is anyone listening to this right now who wants to settle for only having success in one, solitary area of life.

As that has proven NOT to provide fulfillment. Just a win.

I won many cycling races but today they are way down in my life fulfillment and I rarely even participate in that aspect of my life.

I’m going to reveal this tactic and you’re going to right away think, “Oh, that’s elementary. I do that. And I’m telling you, no you don’t.

Just like my recent show on trust where simply being honest does not get you the benefit of trust, you think you do this, but I’m saying you don’t. Not enough.

You are not understanding the full breadth of utilization to truly benefit from it.

It…is…treating everyone like an awed, revered, and respected person who you proactively go out of your way to serve in an above and beyond fashion.

I’m about to be joined by Dan Miller, my father, and we’re going to unpack this in a way that will radically open your eyes to how you are missing out, and how you can pivot and start benefiting, immediately.

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