The success habits of David Horsager, my guest from episode 873 where we talked about trust, his platform and area of mastery.

Not how to be trustworthy, but how to ensure people view you as trustworthy.

David shares the habits that helped him lose 50lbs in five months and how he’s kept the weight off.

Though today he doesn’t deprive himself of certain joys, such as ice cream, which I’d site as…sacred.

But the stand out to me was talking about relationships and his foundational pursuit of…”just love em.”

He actually credits his wife with this perspective.

When it comes down to it, no matter what, just…love them.


Maybe too simple?

But what is the alternative?

If you want to connect more with David he has a new book out right now and he’s offered us an assessment to see how we stack up in exuding trust, go to

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