In this episode of The Ziglar Show our focus is auditing the daily habits and routines of a trauma overcomer and current health, fitness, and brain expert.

I’m back with Tana Amen.

You’ll hear why she affirms herself with, “I am a warrior.”

If you heard her gritty story from childhood abuse to modeling to trauma nurse to today’s health and fitness industry expert and healthy brain advocate in episode 865 you’ll know why this is important to her.

She covers her devotion to hydration, establishing her daily mindset, healthy boundaries, and her joy in taking survival trips and challenging herself to do things that scare her.

I’ve been doing these twice per month habits shows for years now and recently considered if I should discontinue them…and received overwhelming feedback from listeners that they received massive benefit from hearing the real life habits of others.

So…here you go!

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Jordan Harbinger

Friends, here’s a guy who I cite as being the modern day purveyor of Dale Carnegie’s, “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” Jordan Harbinger. I’ve had him on The Ziglar Show twice and recently on my Motive podcast, episode 19. The Jordan Harbinger Show is an Apple Top 50 podcast which testifies to the value Jordan brings. 

The mission of The Jordan Harbinger Show is to help you become a better informed, more critical thinker – so you can get a much deeper understanding of how the world works and make sense of what’s really happening. He has topics on the show such as an FBI hostage negotiator who teaches us how to get people to like and trust us; neuroscientists, spies and special forces operators who teach us how to develop resilience and mental toughness.

Jordan’s show isn’t pop psychology and superficial advice, nor shallow inspiration; this is a show that offers meaningful, fun, life-changing insights with a practical edge so listeners can apply something right out of the box, every show, every day.

Jordan is a skeptic but not a cynic. He doesn’t let his guests get away with platitudes and that shallow self-help stuff. In fact, every episode has worksheets so you can make sure you’re internalizing and applying what you learn from the guests.

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