For those of you in business for yourself, whether full time making millions or a side hustle making a buck or two, where are you strongest in your business and where are you weakest?”

Tom Ziglar and I talked through comments and what you’ll hear is a full circle of admissions.

One is great at sales and poor at admin while another is wonderful at admin and struggles in sales.

I believe you’ll find yourself taking comfort in the reality you can’t be strong in everything and yet still succeed in your business.

A primary take away from this discussion is the value of spending as much time as possible in your strengths and getting as much help as possible where you are weak.

While at the beginning of a business we need to wear many hats, we just can’t be competent at everything.

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You’ll see a picture of Angelo in the middle of the group, and the girl on the far left is my personal trainer, Megan!