Donald Miller is back on the show for the third time.

Don is one of my all time favorite authors, his memoirs such as A Million Miles In A Thousand Years and Scary Close were literal life changers for me.

As you’ll hear in this show, Donald started out as a pure writer.

But to get his messages out he had to learn to run a stellar business.

Today he pulls in tens of millions and has turned his attention to helping other people get their messages and art out by learning business.

Before coming on he said, “I believe everyone deserves access to a life-changing business education.”

And as you’ll hear he believes his methodology with his new Business Made Simple platform is more valuable than an ivy league MBA.

And I’ll tell you, it’s impressive.

As he did so brilliantly in his earlier books with a personal message, he has boiled down and refined the essence of business in a way I’ve not seen before.

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