In this episode of The Ziglar Show I wanted to hear from people who started a personal discipline that was drudgery, and succeeded in doing it until it actually became a joy.

Or at least not complete misery.

To showcase to us all that the beginning is the hardest part!

You’ll hear about exercising and eating healthier, then into interesting areas such as finding nice things to say about your spouse!

I kick this episode off with a two and a half minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he discusses the benefits of self discipline.

From it I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “What is a healthy habit or personal discipline that started as a chore/drudgery/negative and today is a joy/pleasure/positive?”

We heard from so many people about disciplines they started in misery, but today they look forward to.

For some the task is now an actual joy, for others just something they have peace with and really appreciate the pay off of.

Tom Ziglar and I talk through a lot of the comments and share some of our own stories.

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