In this episode of The Ziglar Show we talk about customer service.

And here is the crux; delivering your product or service perfectly and expertly, is…not…enough.

That will not win you customer loyalty and referrals.

You’ll continually be frustrated at losing clients to competitors.

You won’t get the referrals from customers that you’d expect.

Delivering your product perfectly is simply meeting the initial hopes and expectations the customer had.

Even if nobody else on the planet delivers as perfectly as you do, doesn’t matter.

The only way to get your customers to come back to you time and time again and refer others to you is if you over deliver.

Nobody does it, but it’s not hard.

I asked the audience, “What do you do to create customer or client loyalty? What do other businesses do that earn YOUR customer loyalty?”

I’m going to give you a 3.5 minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he explains going beyond customer service to customer satisfaction then Tom Ziglar and I talk through many of the comments to the question and lead a class on how to own your customer for life.

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