I kick us off with a one and a half minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he zeroes in on the myth that we should all just love everything about our work.

In truth this is a tremendously frustrating issue for many people and a very real question is…just what I posted to my listeners.

I asked, “If you have any frustrations with your work, do you feel you need to change the circumstances or just need to change your attitude?”

Zig Ziglar was the king of adjusting your attitude to the positive because it makes everything better.

But it does not mean that it’s all you should do.

There are times when the circumstances themselves are limiting to you being fulfilled in our work and able to bring all you can to the table.

So we talked in and around this issue and I believe it will give you great food for thought in regards to your own challenging work circumstances and whether and attitude change is in order, or you really would be best to change the circumstances.

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