There are few leaders and influencers in the personal development, self-help, and health and wellness space who don’t cite journaling as a daily habit for success.

From this I know a lot of people who try to journal because they think they should, but aren’t finding much value in it.

I wanted to draw this out with the question I posted, then have someone give us insight.

I started journaling around age 18 but simply wrote down the day’s events every night.

I went many years  not journaling at all before resuming it and using it as somewhat of a prayer tool, and today do a lot of thoughts and feelings.

Which should YOU do?

Of course the answer is…it depends.

Jess Ekstrom was my recent guest in episodes 845 and 847.

She’s the renowned founder of Headbands of Hope but recently launched Bright Pages, an online, guided journaling platform.

Of course we talk about Bright Pages and if you go to and sign up using code ZIGLAR she’s giving us all a free month!

The meat of the show is me throwing questions from you listeners to her and letting her address them so you can understand how to get true value from your journaling efforts, or possibly get inspired to start!

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