Of course as the New Year is upon us we have many people making resolutions and thinking of goals, but this was a simple question to discern what is most on our hearts to make better in our life.

As Tom Ziglar has shared, far more people relate to solving a problem rather than having a goal, which points to a reality of behavioral psychology, that we react and respond more readily to pain than desire. Hearing the variety of submissions I think will help raise your own awareness of what is most on your heart to make better in your life and open your eyes, ears, and heart to feelings you may not be fully cognizant of.

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Tech entrepreneurs are in an all-out race to cash in on our collective addiction to social media

• It’s a fight that started in Silicon Valley that’s now gone global

• In the newest season of Wondery’s Business Wars, TikTok vs Instagram, they track the war between two social media giants 

• Within the last couple years, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps around the world

• It’s even garnered the power to completely reinvent the music industry

• And despite political constraints the app has recently faced, TikTok has still managed to pose a serious threat to its American counterpart: Instagram

• This season of Business Wars will touch on the history behind and founding of both apps, and what they’ve done in recent years to become two of the largest social media platforms to exist 

If you’re not sure why you’d be interested in something like TikTok or Instagram I’ll tell you why I am. I sell to the public and to do it effectively I need to keep a pulse on it, on what moves it.

Giant influential companies like TikTok and Instagram are the kings of influence and we’d all do well to understand what they are doing.

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