I know a lot of you would love to have great counsel and personal guidance for your businesses and business ideas, but time and money and who to trust is an issue.

Again, I asked,

If you were given $10,000 to spend on business coaching, what are the top one to three issues you would want wise counsel on?”

Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through your comments and it was really insightful to hear the areas people wanted help with most.

We gave a good bit our guidance and resources and as business coaching is a key service Tom and Ziglar provide, we sourced that, but as you’ll soon hear, the main offering was to help you find the best solution, whether Ziglar provides it or not.

Tom even gave out his email address!

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• Tara from Baton Rouge says: “My husband and I keep looking at each other wondering how long this positive change will last. It is night and day when it comes to initiative, attitude toward us, engagement in conversations and [more.] I can go on and on.”

• And Rachel from Winston Salem says: “We tell Seth that sending him to Rockmont is an investment in the man he will become….[and] it’s worth every single penny. There are plenty of beautiful and fun summer camps out there. But Rockmont’s mission and the methods utilized to fulfill that mission are what make it so much more” 

Friends, I’m a fan because as a father to four boys I know I’m not enough as the sole male influence in their lives. They need other men invested in them. They need others showing them the way and sometimes they can engage further in some areas with someone OTHER…than their father. 

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