“Optimism isn’t a mood, it’s a strategy,” quipped Jess Ekstrom in our talk.

This is a very candid walk through an amazing amount of mistakes and corrections that led Jess to found the wildly successful company, Headbands of Hope.

A favorite part of the discussion for me was Jess sharing how some of her earlier business endeavors were easier to embark on because she didn’t have the “wisdom” to think about it too much.

Today as the successful and aware business woman she’s more prone to analyze and question too much, something I believe is a pitfall of aware and intelligent people.

This show will massively bolster your confidence in trying things, and will, as the title says, give you a strategy of optimism as a primary methodology.

Jess has recently launched an online, guided journal that I’m excited about, at brightpages.com. 

Sign up and use code ZIGLAR for a free month.

Her book, “Chasing The Bright Side” is an inspiring romp through her story of ups and downs and purpose and success.

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