I listened to a clip from Zig Ziglar about how he works at his goals and it got me to thinking about where we do and don’t generally work at personal growth.

We may set goals but do we really work on them daily, like a task?

If I want to get faster on my mountain bike, I work out.

I go on rides, short, long, slow, hard. I am consistent. I track my progress.

Am I this diligent with my goals?

With what I say is most important in my life?

So I posted this question on Facebook, “If I snooped through your home, office, and car, what evidence would I find of you pursuing personal growth?”

And honestly I had it in mind to wonder, is there enough evidence to convict you of?

I just posted the question moments ago and I see Facebook notifications dinging my computer.

I think it will be an interesting show.

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