95% of the time I ask an influencer what their most valued daily routine is, they answer with the morning.

In this show my guest from episode 841, Jonathan Milligan, does the same.

However he goes further than devotions and exercise to further safeguard his morning time for creative work, leaving the afternoon and lesser energy for creativity for admin work.

Jonathan is the author of “Your Message Matters” which made for a powerful show. He shares the concept here of Maker Mornings and Manager Afternoons.

As with any guidance there are of course exceptions. You may find yourself doing creative work late at night or other times, but by far and large we do find the brain is well prepped for creative thinking earlier in our days.

Jonathan shares a lot of behind the scenes info on how he runs his growing business and keeps himself where he needs to be with healthy habits and routines.

Find Jonathan and his incredible book, “Your Message Matters,” at yourmessagemattersbook.com.

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