You have a product or service that can help someone.

You are talking with them about it right now, you know it would benefit them and you know what you have is the best there is. But, they decline. They say no.

Zig Ziglar gives us a three and a half minute message at the top of this show with an important reality. They will not change their mind. Hear that. You are not supposed to convince them they are wrong.

They made a decision about what you are offering and said no and Zig says it’s hopeless to try and change their mind.

However, what he reveals is they said no to one issue regarding your product and as you’ll hear Tom Ziglar discuss in this show, it’s for one of five reasons.

Which means you have four other reasons to discuss with them. Four other reasons why they can still say yes.

I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “With what you have to sell, what is the most common objection or challenge you deal with?” We used this as a guide to fully unpack the issue.

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