Corporate America’s number one product is you.

Your attention is today’s most viable commodity. They can’t get it if you don’t offer it, but the temptation is possibly the most enticing and addictive draw of any drug ever invented.
The antidote?
The consequence of going with the flow?
Author and speaker Kary Oberbrunner brings us a message from his book and platform, Unhackable, showcasing we are all being hacked and the result is us losing our ideas, dreams, and our very purpose.
Conversely the greatest antidote for fighting the pull of social media, news, email, and every outreach calling from our devices is our intentional devotion to a goal.
A calling. A purpose.
As you will hear in this discussion, I feel Kary has brought a profound insight that provides far more than just pointing out the problem of our beckoning screens, but brilliantly reveals the consequence which doubles as the only viable solution.
At you can get the book, and a free unhackability assessment to find out where you are getting hacked.

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