In the world of personal development, self-help, inspiration, and motivation, the point is to have BHAGs, right?

“Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals!”

Then why would Zig Ziglar, the king of BHAGs himself talk about negativity in goals and cite that often people are unrealistic? How can that be?

It’s a very important question as we balance belief in and not limiting oneself, with some valid questions we need to consider.

In this show you’ll hear a three and a half minute message from Zig Ziglar on the issue, then I asked the Ziglar audience this question,

“SURVEY: For those of you with a really big goal:

  1. Do you feel it is realistic?

  2. Is it within your field of study and basic interest?

  3. Do you believe luck is a determining factor in reaching the goal?”

Tom Ziglar and I talked through the issue and some of your comments for a show I think you’ll find comfort in and confirmation regarding your own big goals. And maybe some inspiration!

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