Some people struggle with having ambition in the world and being devoted to God, yet Deborah Smith Pegues holds these both with peace and joy.

In episode 825 we heard Deborah’s profound story of having every right to be a victim and be minimized, but instead she went from a difficult upbringing and being a southern maid to being VP of a Fortune 500 Company.
This is my Habits show and we get to hear first hand the habits, routines and values that give Deborah such a rich and vibrant life and successful career.
She is jointly full of laughter while not pulling any punches about what she believes, what she struggles with, and how she addresses it all in her daily life.
I believe you’ll find yourself smiling and convicted as you listen to this episode.
You can find Deborah and all she has to offer at and you can find her new book, Lead Like a Woman anywhere you buy books.

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