First doesn’t mean most, but it is a relevant sequence.

Here is a simple and easy analogy that you will get, but it will be an effort to truly…get.
Before a busy week of caring for your family and running them around everywhere, you fill up your car with gas. I bet you don’t drive until you run out and end up stranded with your family, right? And you don’t get out and push and have one of the kids steer for a few days, right. You get gas before you are empty, possibly every week or more. You also change the oil, put washer fluid in, get new brakes and tires and more.
What about yourself? We often don’t treat ourselves with the wisdom and necessity of our car. We run ourselves to empty and spend untold days, weeks, months, maybe years, running on empty. Slow and sluggish or hectic and frantic, and the people we care about are not getting the best ride. It’s a cultural error.
In this episode I play a clip from Zig Ziglar where he talks about balance and having us look at where we are out of balance. I then posted this question to the Ziglar audience;
“Right now, which area below gets most of your focus and interest, and which gets the least?”
1 Health & Wellness
2 Relationships
3 Mental 
4 Finances
5 Spiritual
6 Career
7 Personal
Tom Ziglar and I talked through the responses. You’ll be interested to hear where people said they were giving the most focus, and this wasn’t where they thought they should be giving more and less focus, but where they actually are.
The punchline I’ve made obvious though, the place people most cited giving the least focus to was, themselves. Their own personal care. So of course Tom and I address this in the show.

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