We buy what we buy for the benefit it gives us, in the form of fulfilling a desire or solving a problem.

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of why we buy what we do, but there is almost always a specific reason.
The exercise of this show is to get us thinking about benefits from the products and services we buy, so as to help us better conceptualize how we need to showcase the products and services we offer.
Even if you are an employee, you are paid for a result, not simply to take up space. Are you aware of the specific benefits you provide?
I start this show off with a three minute clip from Zig Ziglar, from his direct sales training, not a stage with all his humor. He talks about the three aspects of anything we offer, features, functions and benefits. With the core value being of course, benefits.
From this clip I asked the Ziglar audience this question, “Please recommend a few of your favorite products and services and WHY…what is the benefit you get from them?”
What came out was a great overview of just what Zig outlined, features, functions and benefits.
Tom Ziglar and I had a really interesting conversation dissecting this triad as we talked through many of the comments. This will really help you conceptualize just what benefit you, your product or service is providing. 

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