You have a product or service to provide.

You love for people to experience it. But alas, you also need income from the time and money you spend developing and delivering your product or service.
Which means, not just sales, but the ultimate setting of a price and asking to be paid. This is not a fun aspect for many. In fact, it’s often a place of severe dread with multiple negative feelings attached to it.
This show is for you and it’s packed with paradigm shifting perspective changers you can take action on right now.
I kick the show off with a 3.5 minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he shares a time when he was kindly chastised for selling his books, tapes, and resources from the stage where he was presenting and told it took away his credibility.
How did he respond? In a way you need to hear, and you will in just a moment. From Zig’s message I asked the Ziglar audience this question,
“For those of you with a product, service, or message you truly believe in, how do you feel about the task of actually selling it and asking others to pay?”
I know I always say we get great comments, but friends, this turned into possibly one of the most valuable shows on how we can perceive what we provide and charge for it with peace, joy, and confidence.

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