Wonderful movies and stories of our time are made from people who achieved something which seemed impossible, either for themselves or for anyone at all.

The best stories are the ones which are actually true. History is littered with such feats.

How about you? Have you done something you or others once thought was impossible? Or do you dream of achieving something you feel is impossible and unreasonable for you? This show is for you. 

Andy Andrews is my guest. Andy is author of more than 25 books, several of which are New York Times bestsellers including The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer. ABC’s Good Morning America named The Traveler’s Gift one of the “Five Books You Must Read In Your Lifetime.”

Andy has spoken at the request of four different presidents of the United States. He’s coached our nation’s Special Operations Command for eight years and has been a part of nine College Football National Championship teams in a row. He works as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and sometimes, entire communities who hire him to create a starting point for extraordinary results.

His newest book—Just Jones – Sometimes a thing is impossible until it is actually done—released September 8, 2020. A New York Times reporter recently wrote, “Andy Andrews has quietly become one of the most influential people in America.”

To me, Andy is an incredible guy with an incredible story and he writes incredibly intriguing fiction…with a point. Such as the point of this latest book of his, Just Jones, about doing something that seems impossible, until it’s actually done.

A key point we discuss in this show together is Andy stating, “What most folks lack…is perspective. A broader view.” I find it true for myself and others, we so often have such a narrow view of what is and what is not possible.

This is why Andy is cited by some of the world’s elite as a Professional Noticer. He believes we can all become such.

Matter of fact, buy Andy’s new book, “Just Jones” from Amazon or anywhere and send him a receipt or screenshot and send it to andy@andyandrews.com and you’ll gain access to his 4 hour audio program, “Becoming a Noticer.”

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