Let me clarify the title of this episode that it’s from a place of peace and abundance.

It’s not from an exasperated place of “Well, what more can I do?!”
But it’s brought to us from a place of care and love and to use that word again, abundance. Wouldn’t you like to be at a place of wholeness and gratitude where you can readily and eagerly ask, “What more can I do?”
John O’Leary is not just back for my Habits show, this is in many ways a Part Two from our initial conversation in episode 815 where we discussed the childlike qualities John shares in his new book, IN AWE: Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder to Unleash Inspiration, Meaning + Joy.”
This is my Habits episode with John and he shares his gratitude and joy in asking just that, “What more can I do!” You will be inspired, not burdened.
I also take us into an issue I meant to in our previous episode. Something deep many of you will want to hear.
At age nine John was horrifically burned and had third degree burns on more than 87% of his body. AFter examining him a doctor bluntly told his parents, “If John were a horse, I’d shoot him.”
John was sitting right there. Can you imagine being given this prognosis and devaluation of your life? But what you’ll want to hear is…what happened next. It’s in this episode.
You can get John’s new book, IN AWE: Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder to Unleash Inspiration, Meaning + Joy” wherever you buy books, and connect with all John has for you at Johnolearyinspires.com

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