This show was just convicting for me.

When did I leave childlike qualities of questioning the so-called norm and just trying things without worrying what anyone thought? And how have I shortchanged myself in the process?
In studying the most successful people of our time John O’Leary cites five key, childlike traits they embody. Traits most of us have left behind.
John O’Leary is one of the world’s premier inspirational people. Why? Because his story is just ridiculous and his perspective is infectious.
At nine years old he basically blew himself up and got 3rd degree burns over 87% of his body. Nobody should survive that. He did and today is grateful for it. Literally.
This is the second time I’ve had John on the show and we cover a good bit of ground talking about his business amidst covid, his faith, and the message of his new book, “In Awe” where he give an incredible look at child like qualities the most successful people have retained, and the freedom and success we can find if we embrace them.
Note, it’s not childishness. It’s wise and mature and aware…and childLIKE. Big difference and I now, strongly believe one we need to all understand and consider.

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