You have a goal you are working towards.

If it has any true value there will be challenges on the way and adjustments will be necessary. Or when things don’t go as planned you’ll ultimately throw in the towel. It sounds elementary but it gets to the heart of all our pursuits.
I start this episode off with a two and a half minute message from Zig Ziglar where he drives this point home in the way only he can, then I asked Ziglar listeners this question,
“What goal did you achieve even though you had to make big changes to HOW you achieved it, or the path to it wasn’t what you expected?”
Tom Ziglar joins me to talk through some of the replies I’ll give you a punchline, he gets us talking on the root issue of knowing clearly WHY you are doing after whatever it is you’re going after.
This show I believe will really give you freedom in your desire to go after or stay after a big goal or desire.

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