I’m back with Dr Saundra Dalton Smith,

Who in episode #811 led us in eight key areas we need rest, in order to be at our best.

This is my Habits show and no surprise Saundra is very clear and specific in her habits and routines, with rest in multiple areas being paramount.

One of her morning routines I really admire is asking herself how she wants her life to affect others, today.

I also took advantage of Saundra being a practicing doctor to ask what habits she finds herself recommending most to patients.

She cited a primary issue with patients is them being sedentary and her prescribing…movement.

And also the benefit in enjoying food in its natural form. This and much more in this episode.

I highly encourage you to take Saundra’s rest quiz, check out her new book, and see all she has to help you with, by going to ichoosemybestlife.com

You’ll gain a lot by hearing this behind the scenes look at her most valued personal and professional habits.

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