Many of us have dreams, desires, and goals we are uncomfortable with.

We may have a hard time admitting we want them. We may be ashamed to share them. Or we may desire to have big goals but can’t tap into what we really want or care about.
This show is about these issues. I kick us off with a clip from Zig Ziglar realistic expectations and the need to have big goals, which will seem at odds to many, which is why I encourage you to listen to what Zig has to say.
From this I posted this question to the Ziglar Show audience,
“Who has a big goal? Maybe bigger than you honestly feel capable of? Maybe big enough you are not even comfortable sharing publicly?”
We got so many great responses that Tom Ziglar and I only got through about half.
It’s so inspiring and informative to not only hear people admit their goals but to admit their quandary in how to go after these goals.
A powerful show, to say the least.

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