Ever get irked by a personality who just seems to want to sell to you and promote themselves, and doesn’t come off as having your best interest truly at heart?

This is a sore spot for many people, and we hit it head on in this show.

For many of you who are seeking to lead and influence others, and many of you who already are, you will want to tune in and see how you can better serve and care for your audience and how to and not to market and position yourself.

I start us off with a short clip from a presentation by Zig Ziglar where he references a story he used in his all-time best selling book, See You At The Top.

The story was about a guy named Tom Hartman who lost a lot of weight. In this segment Zig references the story because he realizes he is selling this book he authored that contains that story and…he is quite overweight himself. This doesn’t bode well for his credibility.

I’ll never forget a celebrity author once with another book on relationships and finding out she was twice divorced and currently single. In that circumstance I found her credibility on what it takes to have healthy relationships, questionable.

But from Zig’s message and point on credibility I asked the Ziglar audience this question,

“With all the personalities (authors, speakers, podcasters, etc…) marketing to you, what hurts their credibility most for you?”

We got a barrage of responses and a week later they are still coming in. People get really frustrated and disappointed as we all look for people to lead and guide us, but we are so sensitive when we feel taken advantage of.

You’ll resonate with many of the responses and if you are seeking to lead, influence, and market to others, this is your filter to gain and retain credibility and success. 

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