The punchline: our survey was exactly 50-50.

Some people want a plan to walk out and others just pull the trigger and figure it out along the way.
It’s more of a personal style than a right or wrong but the bigger point is either way assumes you are going after something!
I play a three minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he cites that people who set goals and make plans of action have better lives and success all around and he gives some great stories.
From this I asked the Ziglar audience this question,
“For those who set goals and strive for progress in your lives, do you 1) Create a plan of action to walk out, or 2) Pull the trigger and figure it out as you go?”
The responses were not just cut and dry however and Tom Ziglar and I talked through the nuances and insight brought to us by everyone.
What you’re about to hear should feel freeing and confirming to you and your style, and convicting to take action.

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