I’m going to give you five key points and you are going to either be massively educated, or you’ll hear them and say, “Yes! Where did these skills go because I wish everyone had them!”

I don’t know how cities of old got…lost.
How does that happen?
Well in a much bigger mystery, how did the primary skills of success get lost, cause they have been.
But you can get them, now.
Or if you have them, you can send this show to others who you know need them.
Like your kids or a millennial or…you’ll know someone.
Give them the gift of awareness for success and security in their work.
And I won’t hold out on you, here they are:
1) Do more than expected, 2) Be intuitive, 3) Take initiative, 4) Learn people skills , 5) Ask questions. I’ll break them down quickly and concisely.

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It’s safe to use on your face – around the “T-Zone” 

I got cases for my family and brought a case to my office to pass around. I have it at my desk and in my cars.

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Jordan Harbinger

Friends, here’s a guy who I cite as being the modern day purveyor of Dale Carnegie’s, “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” Jordan Harbinger.

I’ve had him on The Ziglar Show twice, episodes 327 and 489, and not long ago shared lunch with him and his bride in San Diego. I really appreciate his wisdom and character and actually reach out to him as a podcasting mentor.

The Jordan Harbinger Show is an Apple Top 50 podcast and was among Apple’s “Best of 2018” as well. 

The mission of The Jordan Harbinger Show is to help you become a better informed, more critical thinker – so you can get a much deeper understanding of how the world works and make sense of what’s really happening.

Topics covered on the show include: An FBI hostage negotiator teaches us how to get people to like and trust you; neuroscientists, spies and special forces operators teach us how to develop resilience and mental toughness.

Jordan does this by having incredibly intriguing guests on the show and talking through their personal stories. In episode 362 he had Marc Cuban and episode 350 was Dan Heath who I’m a big fan of. 

This isn’t pop psychology and superficial advice, nor shallow inspiration; this is a show that offers meaningful, fun, life-changing insights with a practical edge so listeners can apply something right out of the box, every show, every day.

Jordan is a skeptic but not a cynic. He doesn’t let his guests get away with platitudes and that shallow self-help stuff

In fact, every episode has worksheets so you can make sure you’re internalizing and applying what you learn from the guests.

If you like The Ziglar Show, you will want to subscribe to The Jordan Harbinger Show. Search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.