It is just a fact that we perform to the level of our belief in ourselves.

How to increase that belief is the foundational effort of the entire personal development and self-help industry.
I have a two minute message from Zig Ziglar on the reality of the perspective, then I asked the Ziglar audience for their testimonies with this post,
“I’m looking for people who have experienced a significant improvement in their self-image. I want to know what the catalyst was for you.”
What you will hear are first hand testimonies of where people were, what they did, and how it impacted their self-image.
Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through the responses and we read through a good number.
Sometimes hearing true stories like this of how people actually did it is more empowering than hearing counsel and guidance on how to do it.

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Friends, you all know I’m a massive health and wellness advocate, it’s the focus of my other podcast, the True Life podcast, which so many of you are tuning into.

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