What are the habits of a professional sales person?

I took the opportunity to ask Pierce Marrs, my guest from episode 793.

This is our habits show and while we do cover some of the personal habits I normally get into, we spend a majority of the time talking about the successful and healthy habits of sales.

You’ll hear Pierce talk about being respectful of the person’s time, cluing in to the person’s interests, are they all business or do they want to get personal.

A big key is simply, awareness and listening. Being aware and a student of the other person instead of focused on your agenda and task.

He also talks in depth about becoming an expert communicator, in sales and in the marriage relationship, as Pierce and his wife are marriage mentors.

You can find Pierce’s book, “Could You Survive Shark Tank?” and the Surviving Shark Tank Assessment, at SharkTankBook.com.

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