Most everyone’s lives have been significantly disrupted in 2020 by COVID-19.

The concept of a “new normal” is a hot topic as many businesses have reopened.
I of course wanted to hear from you, so I posted a question on my personal Facebook page at agentkmiller, where you are welcome to join these weekly discussions.
I asked, “What aspects of your “new normal” do you want to retain, even if things were to get back to the way they were?”
From the submissions, here are some aspects that were covered:
Will you work from home? Will you send kids back to school and all the extracurricular activities and rushing around? Will you eat out as much or keep cooking at home more. Personal time for yourself and with your family, will you keep it up? Will you keep investing in hobbies and personal projects that you began? Will you continue the increased outside time?”
These issues and more are what Tom Ziglar and I read and talked through. It brings up the need and opportunity for us all to ask some big questions and ponder some important, and I think exciting, decisions. It’s happening in my own family, right now.

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