“Self care is community care, if you don’t care for yourself, you take it out on other people.”

This is the phrase that jumped out at me as I asked Adrienne Bankert about her healthy habits.
She responded with this statement after I asked her about her habits in the “Personal” spoke.
I feel it is a significant paradigm shift on self-care, and I find it to be so true. When I have poured myself out and not filled back up, others suffer. Maybe I don’t take it out on them in a negative way, but I have less to offer them. They aren’t getting my best.
At the idea of a listener, I’m expanding on the Habits show to ask some deeper questions, such as in this show we start off with Adrienne talking about the key habits and routines she values most for herself.
If you didn’t catch it, Adrienne Bankert is a national correspondent for ABC news and my guest in episode 789 where we discussed the very acute success strategy of kindness, the topic of her new book, “Your Hidden Superpower” – The Kindness That Makes You Unbeatable At Work And Connects You with Anyone.
Find Adrienne’s new book and get access to the Your Hidden Superpower e-course, at www.yourhiddensuperpower.com

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